Buying with me

What You Need To Know About Buying A Property

For most of us, buying a home is the most important financial commitment and lifestyle decision we will make in our lifetimes. For these reasons, I am dedicated to finding you the absolute best home for your needs. I see a lot of homes, and if I think I can find you a better one than the one you are interested in, I'll definitely tell you. After all you've hired me for my experience!

There are many issues to be aware of when purchasing a home. Some are set in stone, especially when it comes to resale value and comfort levels. Some are of personal interest such as location and neighbourhood, do you want a fixer-upper or do you want to move and not change a thing. I will work through all the things you need to know so I can work within your parameters to find you the right match.

I will:

  • * determine your budget and your comfort zone
  • * itemize all the requirements for your home
  • * determine the neighbourhoods of your choice
  • * do a preliminary computer search to get an idea of suitable homes
  • * view homes which match your criteria as closely as possible

I will provide you with your own binder containing information on every home we have visited. I will follow-up with you on what these homes have sold for. This process will help you recall the homes visited, understand pricing and value and, at the same time, help you determine the characteristics you preferred.