Sometimes Properties Are Market Ready And Sometimes They Are Not...

There are circumstances where staging a property would be of no value as the target market of a property would not value decor, i.e. a renovator looking to fix a property or a house in such extensive disrepair that decorating it would not mask the fact the home needs more than just a facelift!

The key to selling real estate, to the target market that would appreciate "staging", is to sell "emotion" and "lifestyle". Buyers respond better when they "fall in love" and can visualize how good a home can look. That is why builders don't have empty show homes.

Then there arises the question as to how much a seller should do to maximize their profit. Sometimes just doing just a few low cost items will drastically change the appearance of a home and add instant value. Sometimes, it can benefit a homeowner greatly if they decide to invest considerable energy and resources in staging a home. I've often experienced a return on investment over 10 times the amount spent. That profit is tax free dollars! It might be worth the effort! Together we will determine where on the spectrum your home might fall and let you decide if you would like to stage your home at all and to what extent.

Don't worry, it won't hurt that much….. I have been staging my properties for years and have the process down to a science. Tom McDonald is an onsite contractor, project manager and design consultant who is FREE OF CHARGE. Come again? Yes, Tom will be there every step of the way to coordinate all the details and relieve you of the decision making headaches that come with staging and to make sure only the necessary things get accomplished and the right choices are made.

In this day and age of savvy consumers, great expectations, and an epidemic of decorating and real estate shows, your home may stand out if it is not staged! Can you afford not to?

Tom McDonald - Real Estate Resource & Project Manager

Tom comes from a background in project management, customer service, and has owned his own renovating company. He has great knowledge of houses from structure to marketing. Tom is a huge attribute and a wonderful resource to be able to tap into, not to mention one heck of a nice guy!

Clients can expect to count on Tom from administrative details to complete help in preparing their home for sale.